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Wally Maurer is usually known for his outstanding red wines, is racking up the gold medals this spring on his newly released white wines. Domaine Berrien Cellars is proud to announce the receipt of 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals for their 9 wines entered in the 17th Annual Great Lakes and Beyond Wine Judging, held in Farmington Hills, MI on May 17, 2012. The 3 gold medal winning wines are Domaine Berrien Cellars 2010 Marsanne, the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Marsanne, and the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Dry Traminette.


The 2010 Marsanne is the first Marsanne that Wally Maurer, Domaine Berrien Cellars' winemaker and owner, has aged in oak barrels. During his travels in the Rhone River region of France where the Marsanne grape is extensively grown, Wally saw most winemakers using oak in their fermentation and aging of white wines, and he decided to utilize this technique for the 2010 vintage, resulting in a buttery, full body and flavors of honey and toasted butterscotch. The 2011 Marsanne, in contrast, was fermented in stainless steel, yielding a crisp, fruity style wine. The 2011 Dry Traminette has a perfumey rose petal aroma profile with a lingering finish. All 3 gold medal winning wines are available for tasting at Domaine Berrien Cellars' tasting room daily from Noon to 5 PM.


Winning silver medals were the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2010 Cabernet Franc, the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Steelhead White, and the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Traminette Sweet. The Domaine Berrien Cellars 2010 Wolf's Prairie Red and the Domaine Berrien Cellars 2011 Vignoles were each awarded a bronze medal. All of the wines that Domaine Berrien Cellars released in May, 2012 now have been awarded medals.


Complete competition results may be found by clicking the following link:

Oakland Community College


Domaine Berrien Cellars is located in Berrien County, Michigan, in the Lake Michigan Shore Viticultural Area (AVA), and produces all estate wines. Set on an 80-acre farm, Domaine Berrien is a family operation, with 42 acres currently planted in grapes. Opened is 2001, the winery offers a quaint tasting room overlooking the wine production facility.